1968 Golden History Of Chittagong Port


Loaded Jute in a Ship at Chittagong Port, Karnaphuli River.
Year: 1968

Chittagong Port:-
Chittagong is the main sea port of Bangladesh located in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. It is located in the estuary of the Cornful River.

In the early days of British rule, English and native traders built wooden jetties on the Karnaphuli river at their own expense in return for a salami of one taka per annum, later the first two temporary jetties were built in 1860 AD. Chittagong Port Commissioner was formed in 1877 AD Two mooring jetties were constructed in Chittagong Port in 1888 AD. Chittagong Port Commissioner came into force on 25 April 1888. Between 1899-1910 Chittagong Port Commissioner and Assam Bengal Railway jointly constructed four permanent jetties. Railway connection with Chittagong Port was established in 1910. In 1926, Chittagong port was declared a major port. During the Pakistan period, the Chittagong Port Commissionerate was converted into the Chittagong Port Trust in July 1960, during the Bangladesh period, the Chittagong Port Trust was converted into the Chittagong Port Authority in September 1976. It is an autonomous government agency. It is headed by a chairman and a cooperative board of four members. Permanent Paved Jetty-15, Pontoon Jetty – 2, Private Jetty – 3, Lighter Jetty – 8, Mooring Berth – 11, Multi Purpose Berth (Container Jetty) – 12.


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