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It is expected that civil engineers will experience 20% growth employed opportunities from 2014 to 2022. More and more engineers are going to be needed for managing and rebuilding projects likes roads, dams and other buildings. there’s getting to high competition within the market so a engineer if wishes to grab the market opportunities should have the simplest education.


Classifying large projects into civil construction stages has always been anticipated whether it is for independent or conjunction construction. To escalate the progress of the civil construction, every stage of the process is taken as individual contracts. All of the contracts are continued in special patterns and schedules. To maintain the quality of work in the construction process, the duration of every stage should be analyzed and evaluated before the process starts. Every stage of construction should have its own time period of implementations. The stages of construction for a couple of projects are mentioned below:

Highway Project

Take a look at the factors to consider while planning a highway construction project.


  • Locating the plant for the project site
  • Dissipating the site of the project
  • Underground work involving Earth work for the embankment of the highway
  • Drainage establishment
  • Pavements structure constructions
  • Placing road signs, lights and signals

Water Supply Project

The water supply project requires construction with great care and perfection. It requires certain things that need to be taken in the spot light and they are:


  • Site dissipating
  • Building of the dam structure
  • Constructing the controls and spillways
  • Pumping house connections
  • Adding in construction tunnels and transmission lines
  • Establishment of the plant of water treatment

What Does Every Construction Plan Setup Require?