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Chittagong Port Agent has an impressive track record of successfully identifying, introducing and representing some of the most widely known container carriers on the Bangladeshi market as an agent.
The responsibility for this function within the Group rests with the divisions of liner agencies and their companies, which handle and manage a complex set of weekly services efficiently across ports and inland container locations in Bangladesh. We are well equipped for handling any size container line, MLO, NVOCC and logistics company. We are the oldest shipping brand in the existing market.

“We believe in work not in commitment. “

  • Long Relationship with regular clients: As projected in the history of CPA our relationship with our honorable clients is very old and so far from beginning. After obtaining permission over the company from the port and custom of the country, the present Management has run the company at the entire satisfaction of all of our honorable clients.
  • Dedication and Trustworthiness: CPA as an Agency house has discharged the duties and responsibilities vested on CPA by our clients with utmost dedication, trust and sincerity protecting 100% interest of our clients at all times. 40 years of service proves the strength of our clients faith on us during which period there was not a single incident of breach of trust by CPA on any matters as vested by our precious clients.
  • Fulfillment of Targets: CPA as an Agent has never failed in fulfilling the targets and goals set by our clients in generating cargo and revenue. CPA have always been upholding the honour, prestige and brand value of our clients for which our clients and CPA enjoy a distinguished reputation in the shipping circle of Bangladesh as well in all Trade bodies.
  • Financial Discipline: CPA have always followed the financial codes of our clients in full creating a fully transparent financial discipline in the Agency which has never allowed any incident of financial anomalies making sure an unbreakable trust which CPA enjoy with our clients.
  • Strict Compliance of all Processes and Procedures: CPA since taking over the Agency of our clients have all through followed the process and procedures laid down by our clients very strictly giving full peace of mind to our clients to rest on our professionalism, dedication, hard work and output.
  • Good Relationship with Port, Customs and Clients: The reputation of CPA in fulfilling ethical notes of honesty and professionalism in handling our clients have uplifted the company’s position which is respected by all the regulatory bodies creating a very cordial relationship with Port, Customs Official and our Clients.
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