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Chittagong Port Agent professional, leading, versatile Logistics & Customs Agency, providing a full range of Marine Ship Services on Chittagong, Mongla, Payra And Matarbari Port Bangladesh only. A completely independent Bangladeshi company with International renown.
We attend to all or any sorts of vessels and cargoes, catering to the individual needs of every client. Our first local company was founded in 1993 and our international division in 2016 in Chittagong where we will find the most important Importer list within the country and one among the most important in Bangladesh. Our company is completely committed to providing high-quality standards, security, safety, the environment, being creditworthy, ethical, and completely independent & fully recognizing civil duty consistent with the Bangladeshi shipping and admiralty law. We handle all types of bulk, break bulk, ro-ro, oil tanker, tug, survey, geographic, work boat, passenger, heavy lift Cargo.


Chittagong Port Agent has an impressive track record of successfully identifying, introducing and representing some of the most widely known container carriers on the Bangladeshi market as an agent.
The responsibility for this function within the Group rests with the divisions of liner agencies and their companies, which handle and manage a complex set of weekly services efficiently across ports and inland container locations in Bangladesh. We are well equipped for handling any size container line, MLO, NVOCC and logistics company. We are the oldest shipping brand in the existing market.
“We believe in work not in commitment. “


Chittagong Port Agent set up its mass and tramp division in the year 2002, with the target of giving undeniable port office benefits at all Bangladeshi ports, to dispatch proprietors, charterers and supervisors.

Today CPA speaks to a portion of the world’s most rumored mass proprietors and charterers worldwide and normally handles their mass bearer boats of all sizes at Bangladeshi ports. CPA has broad involvement with taking care of boats conveying iron metal, manures, coal, Argo items and other dry mass wares.
With CPA named as general specialists, customers are guaranteed of expert administrations of the best expectations, the upsides of all Bangladeshi system and neighborhood information for quick turnaround of boats. CPA additionally gives right and ongoing answering to administrators pretty much all exercises of the boat in the port.


With regards to its undertaking to convey the most current delivery answers for its customers, CPA offers its clients the progressive idea of ISO tanks. This administration offers far-reaching innovation vital for the protected vehicle and the capacity of synthetic concoctions. Severe adherence to worldwide security standards and guidelines, equipped specialized and business counsel and access to a scope of gear, converts into a financially savvy and inviting method of shipping a scope of fluids and gases.
CPA has additionally contract with some Flexi-tank terminal owner or administration for the dispersion of non-perilous fluids. We offer an assortment of flexi-tank administrations that deals with everything directly from tank choice, fitting and removal or reusing. This administration is the most conservative method for transportation for specific fluids like wines, organic product juices, normal oils, transformer oil, and ointments and so on.


Chittagong Port Agent has since quite a while ago demonstrated aptitude in working break mass liner administrations. It works a break mass liner administration between Bangladesh, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan and all over the world.

CPA’s group including experienced ace sailors and ranking staff handle testing port tasks ably. It is additionally experienced enough to deal with vessel/payload related tasks without any problem. Planning intimately with port authorities, the group carefully pre designs each break mass vessel call, to guarantee a quick and productive turnaround of vessels.

On the quality of solid nearby relations and tremendous payload volumes dealt with, CPA is in a situation to arrange financially savvy bargains for administrators and propose the most dependable and productive stevedoring organizations for smooth and quick freight work.

The Break-Bulk division handles wares like Timber Logs, Raw Cashew, Flour, Steel and Steel Products, food, clinker, stone, gypsum, sugar, steel coil, HR coil, Soya Bean Meal and a wide range of packed away and general load.


Feeder services are a vital link in the multi-modal network of shipping, enabling to connect containers from the ports in the hinterland, with hub ports. Chittagong Port Agent represents as agents, some of the reputed Feeder Operators to deliver to key transshipments around the world.

The service is fully operational and manned by a professional team familiar with ocean carrier’s transshipment operations. This ensures that clients get an efficient and quick response to their needs.


CPA has the ability to deal with a wide range of venture cargoes in Bangladesh. It has encountered and concentrated staff for venture load dealing with and approaches the full scope of material taking care of hardware, for example, cranes, lighters, substantial lift trucks for ocean and overland activities.

It consistently handles unique venture payload boats of driving undertaking load bearers at Bangladeshi ports. CPA has likewise had the benefit of dealing with venture shipments of practically all major modern houses, both in the private and the administration area.

To take into account the developing interest for proficient and profoundly productive vehicle transportation over sea waters, CPA for the benefit of its Principals offers a worth included RO-RO administration which calls at key worldwide ports.

Upheld by a group of experienced work force and utilizing the best hardware, CPA guarantees harm free travel and productive treatment of vehicles.

What increases the value of this administration is the on-time execution, cost efficiencies, fitting isolation and vehicle stamping for various ports. This alongside access to Principals, guarantees that the CPA RO-RO administration offers the best travel times and worldwide security guidelines to each client.

CPA offers devoted Ro-Ro administrations to/from Japan, China, Korea, India, USA, and Europe in the interest of its esteemed administrators.


Our exceptionally talented specialized staff masterminds shifted transport husbanding administrations, which incorporates filling of the boat, giving hardware or materials like route graphs, orchestrating group part excursions to the specialist, giving new water, working with pulls, pilots, paying vital expenses, making courses of action with temporary workers to accomplish chip away at the boat and giving food arrangements to the team and so on.

We mastermind transport husbanding through boat chandlers.

We pick most dependable providers dependent on their past reputation and capacity to offer quality administrations to our chiefs.

  • because of our neighborhood relationship we guarantee best arranged arrangements for our chiefs, through the best stevedoring organizations.
  • Our group is resolved to guarantee that every single activity is taken care of in a quick and effective way, with client support as our most elevated need.
  • We likewise have a board of affirmed overview organizations to render count and management administrations so as to maintain a strategic distance from cases and debates.

Chittagong Port Agent gives business backing to its directors by method of dynamic soliciting for making sure about load leads and appointments. CPA likewise gives showcasing support by method of point-by-point research, ideal advancements, recognizing openings and furthermore helps with upgrading client support. It additionally assumes a significant job in giving master contributions to payload requiring extraordinary delivery.

Significantly, CPA’s documentation group, port tasks group and bookkeeping office, all capacity consistently to give modern data on delivery and payload developments, remembering for profundity market and rivalry examination.

This goes far in conveying all out help at each phase to each head.


We Chittagong Port Agent way to deal with transport broking includes close to finish business the executives, as opposed to a restricted pretended by the conventional merchant. With a group of globally qualified and experienced boat representatives it offers all out-boat broking administrations. CPA, as an all-inclusive arm of its primary’s office, deals with recognizable proof and fixing of appropriate vessel, contact with the operators, shippers and collectors. It additionally guarantees blunder free documentation to completely secure the interests of each head. At each stage, CPA stays in touch with its administrators to take directions and approval.

It is CPA’s steady undertaking to guarantee a smooth and inconvenience free journey/time contract execution. The equivalent is genuine when it fixes cargoes for proprietors and administrators. A specialist transport broking group is consistently at administration, to guarantee that primary’s vessels opening in and around Bangladesh get the most ideal apparatuses/jobs. By uprightness of its cozy relationship with Bangladeshi shippers and recipients, CPA can offer cargoes to chiefs straightforwardly and control them on terms and conditions. CPA is additionally recorded on the Trans outline (The Govt. of zbangladesh) board of endorsed transport agents.


Chittagong Port Agent utilizes trend setting innovation frameworks and consolidates this with its boss client care and top to bottom understanding, to convey a help experience that is unmatched.

By sending modern and imaginative data innovation devices, CPA takes into account more prominent straightforwardness and greatest perceive ability over the gracefully chain, to empower clients determine increasingly practical efficiencies.

Chittagong Port Agent, likewise utilizes a ground-breaking and important organization programming AFSYS, which empowers concurrent constant nearby taking care of changed information by different branches into the focal server. This makes a controlled and coordinated activity, in addition to empowers each branch to tweak specific administrations.

  • Creation of an updated and smoothly accessible central database with all details on time, location, resource and contract information
  • PC based cargo tracking, accounting and billing
  • Use of Website for dispatching cycle and customer related information
  • Reduced time in processing and enhanced delivery system for improved cargo handling
  • Simplified procedures and methods
  • Use of IT for storage location and bill collection purpose
  • Faster Inter-department information sharing