Tohidul Islam, C.E.O. of the corporate engaged himself with this shipping and trading business since 2011. During the tenure he had the chance to figure with world-renowned cash buyers of vessel for demolitions and handled quite 105 vessels of various sizes for demolition delivery including numerous vessels arrived with cargo at Chittagong Port, Bangladesh.

Chittagong Port Agent could be your perfect choice. We have an honest acquaintance with some yard owners like you. We’ve sold a number of our regular clients’ ships to them. This has benefited our clients and that we have also got job opportunities. Above all, we would like the business to enjoy its own benefits, including ensuring uninterrupted and secure transactions For Scrap & Demolition Ship agent in Chittagong Bangladesh.

Whether or not the yard owner buys your ship after it arrives in Bangladesh, we will be your first option to make sure the safety and profitability of your ship sale business. Our organization’s philosophy is predicated on providing our Principal/Customers with a top-quality service and our staff remains in continuous contact to serve them better and better.

Our greatest asset is our team. Our staff is very qualified, experienced and with professional sound background and with this experience, we provide first-class services to our Principal/Customers to their utmost satisfaction.

Our Team Very Professional, Skilled and Trained for Handle All Kind of Vessel This Includes Demolition/Scrap Vessels, Tanker, General Cargo Vessels, Tug and Bulk Carriers Etc.

We have handled demolition/scrap agency in Chittagong for a while and fully conscious of documentation required under the relevant Memorandum of Agreement (M.O.A.) for serving Notice of Readiness (NOR) for delivery of vessel in short period on arrival of the vessel at Chittagong port after liaise with buyer and owner.

Usually we feature out all documentations as per relevant Memorandum of Agreement (M.O.A.) ON an equivalent DAY OF VESSEL ARRIVAL SUBJECT VESSEL ARRIVE IN WORKING DAY DURING 0700 HRS TO 0800 HRS LT or latest within 1 (One) clear working day after arrival of vessel so as to serve Notice of Readiness (N.O.R.) to the buyers or their local agents subject we received copy of local L/C, MOA, NOC from MOI and End buyers yard environment clearance certificate from buyers local agents prior vessel arrival or a minimum of on an equivalent day of vessel arrive.

Every time you appoint an agent for smooth discharging and work on behalf of you. But maximum times you have noticed the agent thinks you are an ATM machine for him and also with a lot of barrage of fake issues for extra Earnings. Do you know why this happening with you? Due to you are getting a lot of lowest
agency commission or fee rates offer from buyer nominated agents. Also wondering news is that maximum peoples are looking for a cheaper offer. Those campaigns may have you asking yourself why you need a loyal agent, and whether it makes any difference which one you select. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to re-think “cheap” and “do-it-yourself” when it comes to you with a chipper offer.

Through this Web Site we would like to reach you and give you an overview of our Company, showing everything concerned with our activity and the services we may render you.

Bangladesh is one of the largest scrap ships breaking areas in the world. Mainly we dedicated to the sale and purchase of vessels of all types.

With excellent contact with the ship-owner, our company offers demolition ships for prospective direct buyers in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

We have some permanent Ship Buyers & Brokers (everybody has an individual shipyard for ship demolition) in Chittagong.

Normally we carry out all documentations by our associate Shipping agent. as per relevant MOA within a minimum working day after the arrival of the vessel in order to serve No.