Protective Agency


SHIP’S HUSBANDRY is an agent appointed by the owner, manager, charterer of a ship, and coordinate with expert to type the requisite repairs, and keep your mind on to the management, equipment, and other concerns of the craft he is customarily authoritative to conduct as the broad-spectrum agent of the owners, in next of kin to the liner in her home port. CHITTAGONG PORT AGENT is the company for seeking OPA appointment from various countries ship owners, managers, charters and management company. CPA is an OPA agent in Chittagong port Bangladesh.

By good worth of CPA agency, we is allowed to complete the complete right repairs, equipments and attire of the ship; to hire the correlated technician, labor, equipment, side and requisite services.

By particular authors, it is thought the ship’s husbandry have to be a carve up of owner. To investigate the identifiable, furnish of the vessel, in the repairs satisfactory to the voyage, and in the tackle and furniture indispensable for a sea-worthy ship.

To tolerate a decorous master, mate, and crew, for the ship, consequently that, in this respect, it shall be sea-worthy.

To investigate the proper furnishing of provisions and stores, according to the provisions of the voyage.

To investigate to the promptness of the clearance’s from the custom- house, and the promptness of the registry.

To clear the contracts, and bestow for the payment of the equipment which are requisite to the feat of folks duties.

To put in into courteous charter parties, or engage the vessel for all-purpose freight, under the normal conditions; and to settle down for freight, and bend averages with the merchant; and To maintain the identifiable certificates, surveys and documents, in container, cargo and ships of prospect disputes with insurers and freighters and to honour conventional laws of the authority. We CPA is the protecting agent in Chittagong port, Mongla port, Matarbari port of Bangladesh.

As your global husbandry agent, Chittagong Port Agent delivers the best care for all your vessel’s husbandry matters in ports globally.

You can rely on us to look after your interests and work our local knowledge and connections to take care of your crew and deliver fuel, spares and provisions on time and on budget. And all through a single contact and billed on a single invoice at standard rates for optimum efficiency.

Speedy and well-coordinated husbandry services enable fast vessel turn-around, and that helps you optimize your operational efficiency. Services include:

  • Crew handling: meet & greet, hotel bookings, shore passes, travel arrangements, etc.
  • Cash to Master
  • Spares clearance and delivery
  • Supplies of bunker fuels, lubricants and chemicals Provisions and fresh water
  • Inward / outward clearance of ships
  • Liaison with local authorities and communications assistance
  • Comprehensive support for dry-docking and repair supervision
  • Follow-up activities with workshops, contractors etc.

Our Husbandry services in Bangladesh operates 24/7, seven days a week to provide continuous cover to put suppliers and assistance within easy reach of your vessel anywhere in these territories. We are alongside at more than 1,00 vessels in a month, and can combine our husbandry services with ship agency and a range of shipping and logistics services to create a tailor-made integrated support package to meet the specific needs of every vessel and every port call.